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Playing it safe with baby safety gates

Once your baby begins to become mobile you will inevitably find that you need a safety gate, which is a vital piece of equipment that will restrict your baby's access to the stairs at the ground, first floor and all access points to the stairs.

When your baby begins to move and starts to crawl it is definitely time to start considering how to make your home safe for the little one. The most important safety product you will need is a safety gate one for the top of the stairs and one at the bottom.

There are a large number of types of gates that it makes what on the face of it a simple task seem quite complex. When you begin to look you will see there is a vast array of different types of gates, ones made of wood, metal, and plastic, gates which are held in position by pressure applied by screws which should not damage your decor or by fixings directly into the walls.

There is nothing more important for your baby's safety than stair gates, which should be fixed into position at the top bottom and all access points to all stairs within the house. It does not matter which type of fixing is used to hold the gate in place provided they have passed the British standard and this should be plainly marked on the packaging. The most popular seem to be the swing type that opens with the hand and is fixed using pressure so that when removed repair to the decor is not required.

There are gates available that are of the step over variety which can prove to be a tripping hazard which is something to think about especially when you consider you could be holding your baby, plus it is also probable you may want to replace it with a taller gate when your baby begins to walk.

Another alternative to the most popular swing gate is the retractable stair gate which works in a similar way to a window blind turned on its side. The possible advantage of this type is that it is not as obtrusive as the swing gate as it can be drawn across when not used.

To ensure you get the gate you require for your situation take precise measurements of the opening and decide on the type of fixing you require and most of all check that whichever gate you purchase it has the British standard marked clearly on the packaging.

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