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About Us

Mulberry Organics is an organic eco friendly business that provides a beautiful range of organic baby gift hampers, baby gift baskets and baby gift boxes. The hampers are free of any pesticides or harmful chemicals making you and your baby more comfortable with what they‘re wearing.

Here at Mulberry we are committed to reducing and minimising our carbon footprint as a business and as individuals. Where possible we will reuse packaging, employ staff locally and limit our use of energy. We feel that if everyone makes a small change to their lifestyle it will have a big impact on the planet.

Our mission is to provide the greatest variety and choice of eco-friendly non toxic and sustainable baby gift hampers, baby gift baskets and boxes with the best quality and value. We also make every effort to ensure that all our customers receive the very highest level of customer service.

We are passionate about every baby gift hamper we create and know our site is full of luxurious gift ideas for any mum or expectant mum.

Mulberry Organics


Mulberry Organics